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Hi Frank,

Been at Yodifee for a week now and have been teaching English to the students for 5 hours a day, Monday to Friday. I’m really enjoying and am so impressed with the scope of what Nimul and his team are trying to achieve and how hard they work to better the lives and future opportunities of these children/young adults. Conditions for teaching are quite challenging (lack of chairs, space, desks and other resources, combined with the mobility issues of the students) so I have had to make the most of the whiteboard and my own voice.

Despite this , sometimes tedious, way of learning I have been so, so impressed and warmed by the attitude, enthusiasm and respect that has been shown by the students, despite their own disabilities, they seem like a healthy, happy and clever bunch and their thirst for knowledge and learning is greater than that of most of the students I have taught in the UK. I guess a basic, free education, as with most things in the Western world, is hugely taken for granted. I will give you a more detailed and formal analysis of my experiences once I have finished up here. In the mean time, thank you for the support and for arranging this fantastic opportunity for me, it’s proving to be an incredibly insightful experience.
I hope you’re well.

Kind regards,

Robert Fitzsimmons