M’lop Tapang

M’lop Tapang serves street children and at-risk youth. The organization works jointly with these children and their families to access education, health care, counseling, income generation initiatives and other services needed to secure a better future. MT also works to increase community awareness about issues affecting street children, with a focus on abuse-related issues. By educating local residents, police, teachers, and government officials, MT helps to make the community a safer place for these children.


MT began 8 years ago as an effort to protect and help 5 children living under a tree on the beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The tree logo to this day represents these humble beginnings. MT is an outstanding success story and now works with over 2,500 street youth and their families at 9 centres in the Sihanoukville area.


Rideaid has been a supporting partner since the beginning. Our first project was to establish a “Drop-in” centre for young kids who were abusing glue sniffing. This became a temporary residence and later grew into a vocational training project. Many lives have been transformed by this project. Currently 70 children are learning skills in motorbike mechanics, electrical repair and installation, welding, and screen-printing. The girls’ centre trains over 30 students – many of whom formerly worked in karaoke bars or as sex workers – in sewing, arts and crafts, and hospitality skills.


RideAid and MT are intimate partners and are in continual contact and collaboration. Recently, RideAid’s Men with Hammers volunteer group installed a much-needed 100,000 litre underground rainwater tank for the organization. The founders Maggie and Sarin have toured Australia with us and engaged many of our sponsors and supporters.


RideAid Projects

  • Drop-in centre for children abusing drugs
  • Vocational Training Centre

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Mango Tree Garden

Located in the Sweet Mango Pagoda on the edge of Phnom Penh. Mango Tree Garden provides educational, cultural and spiritual community programs for children each Sunday and works with an orphanage in Kampong Chnang on Saturdays. The central goal of the organization is to offer creative activities and a nurturing environment to to inspiring hope for the future in the children, many of whom have suffered severe economic hardship, violence, discrimination, HIV or AIDS and poverty.


Activities incorporating story-telling, drawing, painting, drama, singing, dancing, prayer, and meditation enrich and encourage balance in the lives of the children. With up to 80 children participating in the programs weekly, the Mango Tree Garden is a key component to rejuvenating Cambodian communities.


Founded by Bo Phem, a Khmer child psychologist and visionary, MTG is run completely by Khmer volunteers. A unique relationship developed between MTG and the renowned Butterfly Peace Garden in war-torn Sri Lanka. Founder Paul Hogan has made several visits to support the project. Both Bo and RideAid founder Frank have made trips to visit the project in Sri Lanka. RideAid has been the primary partner in this org, providing seed capital, ongoing funding, and supplies. RideAid volunteer group Men with Hammers also joined with local workers and volunteers to finance and build a recent new garden project. RideAid is currently working with The Pari Project in Cambodia to further the scale of MTG.


RideAid Projects

  • Funded & built the Garden
  • Purchased the bus
  • Fund and provide materials and support for all events

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Epic Arts

Situated in the riverside town of Kampot, Cambodia, Epic Arts organizes and runs visual art, drama, dance and music projects for people with disabilities in Cambodia.


Their aim is to increase access to the arts and arts education; to enable people to develop new skills; to encourage self-expression and build confidence via the arts; and to foster understanding and integration between people with varying life experiences, abilities and disabilities, ages and ethnicities.




RideAid Supported Projects

  • Vocational Training Program
  • Centre and Cafe support through visiting tourists and donors
  • Dancers and staff funded to travel to Perth, Australia in 2011 for International Day of People with Disabilities

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Bernard Krisher’s Rural Schools Project

Former journalist Bernard Krisher’s story is truly remarkable. To read about him click the link below.


RideAid founder Frank Surgener has developed a long and close friendship and working relationship with Bernard. RideAid visitors to Cambodia have enjoyed great experiences with his Phnom Penh-based staff, who often accompany our tours.


RideAid has built 7 schools in partnership with Krisher’s American Assistance for Cambodia (AAFC) and more are being planned. We also support additional programs such as the Bright Future Kids Project in Ratanakiri.



RideAid Supported Projects

  • Seven schools in partnership with AAFC
  • Bright Kids Project in Ratanakiri

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Yodifee is a Cambodian non-governmental organization, based in Takhmao in the Kandal district, that seeks to empower young Cambodians with disabilities through education and training, leading to employment and self-sufficiency.


Yodifee grew out of LaValla Primary School, a school for children with physical disabilities run by the Marist Brothers. Originally based in Phnom Penh, Yodifee moved its premises to a specially-built complex in Takhmao, a few kilometers outside the capital, in 2005.


Yodifee came about as a way to help the youth graduating from LaValla school. Many of these young people were struggling to become self-sufficient, despite having received a basic education.


RideAid’s relationship with Yodifee came about during our search for a Cambodian NGO partner with which to develop innovative social enterprise programs for disabled youth. Yodifee’s founder, Nimul, inspired great confidence and we have now established two pilot programs with the organization – the RideAid Motorbike Shop and the Farm project. We aim to significantly increase our projects with Yodifee in the near future.


RideAid Projects

  • Rideaid Motorbike Shop
  • Farm project

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